Full room at ButaNexT workshop on Advanced Product Recovery!

“Making more with less” is one of the slogans of VITO.  It rang particularly true on the 11th of May when more than 50 stakeholders from the research community met at VITO’s headquarters in Mol, Belgium to attend a ButaNext workshop on Advanced Product Recovery.


The workshop was part of a larger 2 day course on membrane technology and focused on how biobutanol production process can be improved by using a membrane-based in situ product recovery technique.


Heleen de Wever, from VITO, presented how membranes can be applied to concentrate, purify or fraction a product in a downstream process. This was followed by a case study presented by her colleague Wouter Van Hecke, who described the configuration and set-ups for in situ product recovery in butanol fermentation.


The event included a tour of VITO’s labs working with membrane technologies, an ideal illustration for the technical presentations of the workshop.  This was an opportunity for participants, most of them with a scientific background, to ask questions directly to VITO’s staff.


After the workshop, ButaNexT partners held the M24 project meeting and discussed the achievements of the project to date. ButaNexT is well on tracks to deliver new and improved processes and techniques to produce a new generation of cheaper and more environmentally friendly biobutanol by 2018!